Claire Murray's
Nantucket Needleworks®
Where it all began .....
         "Rug hooking is my passion.  I love the spontaneity of the process and seeing the design emerge from the     jute like magic.  To me, it is like painting a picture, but my medium is yarn."   Claire.
Nantucket is where the idea was born ..... to take Claire Murray's unique style, which combines the looks of historic and contemporary Americana with her rich colors and beautiful motifs, and bring this popular handcraft to you in kits complete with all the yarn and accessories needed to create your own heirloom rug.  
The yarn is hand-dyed to Claire's own color palette.  Different than most apparel and craft yarns,  this 3-ply cabled wool is made specifically for hooking.  It is durable and resists splitting.  And, unlike wool strips, it comes in one-continuous skein which makes your hooking go faster, and there is less waste of materials.
So, pick your favorite design, and we will provide you with a one-of-a-kind treasure to make and enjoy for many years to come!
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Customer Service = happy hooking.

Each person hooks differently.  And, while our kits are made with quantities determined by our techniques, we strive to provide you with the right amount of yarn for you to complete your kit.  Occasionally, you may find that you need just a little bit more to finish.  Don't hesitate to call our customer service number and we will make sure you get the yarn you need. 
It is also sometimes possible to make small subsitutions - perhaps you may want to make a purple flower red, or a white background black.  We want you to be happy with your finished project!  Major subsititutions may involve a little more time and an additional charge.
Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.